Package Deals

Yes, we offer a combination of our dental services with you spending the nicest days of the year in a dream vacation spot. More and more people are doing this, just look for dental tourism success stories in Google or youtube – you will find plenty. Besides finding the right venue for your vacation, the dental service need to match: choose your best options. We are confident that our packages will convince both aspects of your choice. Here is why:

Because of HOW we do things

  • We use exclusively proven internationally accepted methods and the latest materials of best quality available.
  • We provide high-quality and affordable dental care that can save you a lot of money. A comparable treatment plan alone in other countries could be up to three time more expensive than our package, that includes the total cost of your vacation.
  • Our dentists specialize in different areas and each of them have about 30 year of experience. They know their job very well. Here you can see who they are.
  • We prepare an individualized treatment plan that will suit your needs.
  • We document your treatment plan and provide this documentation with pictures thru eMail
  • We offer a comprehensive range of dental treatment. Check our services.
  • We have internationally-trained dentists fluent in speaking English.
  • We provide you with personalized trip and accommodation according to your budget
  • We assist you in planning your trip and itinerary. Check our packages

Because we care for you and treat you like friends

  • No hidden charges and surprises
  • Internationally-trained English-speaking staff with excellent knowledge of the healthcare market
  • No waiting list and no waiting time
  • Free: One-day consultation (Examination, Assessment). Check our packages.
  • Free: Preparation of your treatment plan
  • Free: Water and coffee while in our clinic
  • Free: 24-hour Customer Care

Because you are going to love our service

  • We have unbeatable discounted prices. You will be surprised how affordable our services are.
  • Payment can be done using PayPal, Bank transfer, Bitcoin transfer, and cash (EUR, USD, PHP)
  • We give expert advice on all your touristic-, and dental-related problems.
  • We have state-of-the-art facilities equipped with state-of-the-art dental equipment. Click to have a look.
  • We have the patience and consideration for children and anxious patients.
  • We have an air-conditioned and comfortable waiting room and treatment room.
  • We have our own generator so that your treatment will not get interrupted by brow-outs.
  • We are adjusting our treatment procedures to the special requirement of your vacational situation.



Basic: completely FREE
  • We assist and advise you in the planning and scheduling of your trip.
  • We recommend accomodation and give suggestions.
  • We schedule a one-day consultation (Examination, Assessment)
  • We prepare your treatment plan
  • Your trip, transportation, and accomodation will be your own responsibility
  • Basic package is included
  • We arrange for your pick-up from Busuanga airport / Coron pier and transportation to the hotel of your choice within Coron town proper upon arrival.
  • We arrange for your transportation to and from the clinic as many times as you might need within Coron town proper.
  • We arrange for your transportation back to Busuanga airport / Coron pier upon departure.
  • Treatment as previously agreed upon depending on the assessment of our dentist and as documented in the treatment plan.
  • Assist package is included
  • We arrange for accomodation according to the category of your choice. Accomodation is available from budget to first-class. Service can be booked with breakfast, lunch, and dinner according to your selections.
  • Care-free package is included
  • We arrange for your transportation from Manila international airport to Coron and back.
  • Your choice of air transport or travel by ferry.
  • In case of scheduled stop-overs in Manila, we will include hotel accomodation in Manila
  • Please indicate if taxi transfers or car rentals needed.
  • Care-free+ package is included
  • We arrange for the complete trip from your home airport to Coron and back.
  • Upon arrival in Manila, you will be accompanied by an english speaking person until you reach your destination in Coron.

*) Please note that the package price we offer you is depending on:

  • the estimate made by our dentist according to the information and material you provide and the planned duration of your stay in Coron or Busuanga.
  • the schedule you communicated to us before beginning your trip.
  • the accomodation category that you desired
  • extras you communicated, special assistance, medical conditions, allergies

Payment, Regulations, Refunds


  • Payment can be done using PayPal, Bank transfer, Bitcoin transfer, and cash (EUR, USD, PHP)
  • Dowpayment for assist- and care-free-package is 30%
  • Downpayment for care-free+ and VIP package is the amount of third-party-expenses plus 30%
  • If we abort your treatment immediately after your free consultation, your downpayment will be
    refunded after deduction of all third-party-cost that were spent up to this time.
  • Remaining balance must be paid at the end of the treatment
  • If treatment is aborted due to condition of the patient, or other reasons that are not within the control or resposibility of the patient, the remaining fraction of the downpayment will be calculated and refunded.
  • In all cases you will receive an official receipt, if desired, German patients will receive a confirmation for their health insurance (Krankenkassenbescheinigung).
  • Please contact us for further clarification on regulations. Just check our contact page.