Tooth Repair

When will I need a tooth repair?

Teeth can get decay, become worn and cracked. This can cause the teeth to look discoloured and feel ”weaker” during function. We can offer patients beautiful natural looking restorations to restore your smile. Our dentist will discuss with you during your consultation which option is most suitable for you.


Ceramic restorations


An ceramic restoration or ceramic filling is fully bonded into place to protect the tooth from further damage and restores the tooth to it’s original shape. They are mostly used to replace large fillings where there is inadequate amount of tooth left for normal white plastic fillings. Custom made by our expert technicians, the colour is matched closely to your tooth to give a very natural appearance.




A crown is a cover or cap over the surfaces of your tooth to maintain strength and integrity. If your tooth is heavily broken down or have very large fillings, a crown is placed to protect the tooth from further breakage. In our dental laboratory in Manila, we specialise in making all ceramic, metal free crowns that blend in seamlessly with your natural tooth.




A veneer is a very thin layer of porcelain or ceramic that covers the front surface of a tooth. They are about the thickness of a fingernail and are used for restoring worn, chipped, discoloured and misaligned teeth. Talk to our dentist about your suitability for veneers.