Instant Restoration

When speed is crucial

Sometimes you cannot wait. Either you need to perform in your job or business, or you simply do not want to loose time.

Traditionally, having a crown made requires at least two visits over a week or longer but at our clinic, it is possible to have a restoration fitted on the same day.

We work fast and efficient. Our work is not to be compared to a crown or a denture and we ask patients to not bite hard with it “don’t crack nuts”. Still we are proud to say that most of our creations last way longer than most people would expect. Some of our patients use it already for more than ten years and still see no reason t0 replace it with a denture or a crown.



Each case is individual, so we cannot guarantee you a miracle.

Yet, chances are and we are glad to freely assess your case.

Our solution is inexpensive and fast, it sometimes does not take more than an hour and you are back on track. Give it a try, you will see.