Our Clinic

Newly built in 2015

FSS-Dental Nueva St., Coron

Stairway to clinic

Stairway to clinic

Our clinic is located on the first floor of a small and neat functional building which had been especially designed and constructed to accomodate this clinic.

Just enter the building from the street and walk up the stairs. You will find a doorbell which you can ring to call the attention of our staff. In most cases an appointment is not necessary, although we prefer you call us for an appointment, so that you do not waist too much time while waiting for your treatment.

To the left you reach our air-conditioned waiting area, where you can comfortably rest in a cosy relaxing ambiance, while our dentist is preparing for your treatment. For your convenience there is a cable tv and a choice of appealing magazines to read.

Waiting area



Treatment area

The design of the clinical area and the physical size of the practice is according to the number of patients seen daily. Normally there is one dentist and either a dental assistant or a dental hygienist who will attend to your case.

The dental treatment area, also referred to as the dental operatory, is the center of the practice. Patients receive their treatment in this designated area. Some practices have two or more treatment areas since they have more dentists on staff, but FSS-dental focusses one exactly one patient at a time. We want to take enough time for you so that the result is efficient AND beautiful. During several internships in Germany, we realized that rushing patients maximizes throughput and therefore earnings, and also the quality of the work lacks dilligence and artwork. We are proud of our results, especially when it comes to restoration and to dentures. Details matter to us and we will not end our work before it is finished to our and your full satisfaction.

Dental chair

Our dental chairs are designed to support even a heavy body, with the patient’s comfort in mind, and to position the patient correctly for patient care and treatment, including several functions:

  • Adjustable headrest
  • Support for the arms
  • Raise and lower chair
  • Swivel the chair
  • Adjustment controls to operate the chair

Integrated into the dental chair is an operating light for illumination of the oral cavities, an air-water syringe used in all procedures to rinse or dry a limited area or the complete mouth; air is also used to keep the mouth mirror dry and clean. The also integrated oral evacuation system removes excess water, saliva, blood, and debris from the patient’s mouth during the treatment so that the patient has the comfort of no swallow-triggering while our dentist can focus on his work.


Our clinic is equipped with all necessary tools and installations, so you can be sure we are prepared for all the services that we offer. Among those you will find:

  • Curing Light
  • Dental unit with several handpieces
  • Rheostat to foot-control the speed of the slow- and highspeed handpieces
  • ultrasonic scaler for prophylaxis
  • Digital X-ray