Snorkeling in Coron

Amazing underwater landscapes awaits you. Or want to snorkel a wreck? The Sangat Gun Boats bow’s is lying about 2-3 meter below the surface, so don’t forget your underwater camera.

There are some good reefs close to the town, especially Siete Pecados, where 7 years of protection have allowed a wealth of new corals to grow. Many of the more distant islands also have excellent house reefs.

The truth about snorkeling is that many Scuba Divers are jealous, since the nicest corals can be found above 5 meters / 15 feet and that depth range is where you would typically not need expensive scuba gears nor a hired dive guide. Aditionnally, when you dive deeper than 10 meters / 30 feet the colours seem to fade and the oh so nice corals turn into black and white and shades of grey. That is why we have seen plenty of hadrcore scuba divers participating in snorkeling toors around coron: it is definitely cheaper and more rewarding as well, not only for corals. We have snorkeled the Sangat Gun boat and the Skelleton wreck to a depth of 10 meters / 30 feet comfortably and enjoyed it more than with scuba gears since we had no time restrictions in terms of tanks you would need to carry with you and dive masters who tell you that your time is up.

Just look for yourself:


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