Discover the Nightlife in Coron

You would NOT belive it, but YES, there is. When I came here to Coron in about 2000, nightlife did simply not exist. Today, it seems it has grown together with the rest of this beautiful place. So prepare and be surprised on what might await you. Please, also inform me about news, new spots, or any other nightlife related informanion – you will published!

Nightlife Spots in Coron (mentioned by VirtualTourist)


Otto’s Bar is on the National Highway just as you enter the commercial area on the left. The bar is nothing special but you can sit upstairs where the bar is located and watch the locals from above. Otto himself is a retired Austrian who has been there for 16 years. The bar is small and if they ever get 10 customers it would be crowded. Last time I checked the place looks closed


We were inquiring about the price of the zipline which is an eyesore down by the area that has been reclaimed by the sea, just in front of Lualhati Park, and they mentioned that they had a Happy Hour on the small cafe/restaurant on the sea just where you buy the tickets for the zipline. A SM pilsen 30 pesos, a SM light 35 pesos from 6-10 pm! What a bargain!!! But business must be bad as it was 4.30 pm and they said that i could have a happy hour beer already. During my 5 days in Coron i never saw anyone use the zipline!

Subasco: Dance the night away

This Disco Bar opened just opened recently when I was in Coron. The P100.00 entrance fee is consumable you can have 1 free beer of 1 glass of Vodka + sprite. I chose my favorite red horse beer of course. The place for me is cozy with nice crowd and more secure with friendly and helpful staff in navy hats. The disco music is current and it has a bar where you can order your favorite drink. I recommend this Disco bar to everyone because this is far better than the Hardrock disco. It is a little bit separated from the town center because you need to ride a tricycle for only 8 pesos but don’t worry about the ride going back because trikes will be there waiting for passengers at closing time.

Dress Code: casual

Pinili ko Restaurant: Beer Promo

It is standard local Resto bar with a good promo price for their beer. You can have 3 bottles for only P100.00. Their Videoke(Karaoke with video) is located at the second floor. It is also a good place to sing if Raggs to riches is crowded. You can sing and drink nonstop not bothered about the price. They also have Pinili Souvenir shop at the ground level.

Hell diver’s bar: Relax and Play

This bar is adjacent to Sea dive Resort. It is a place where one can just relax while watching other people playing billiards with a cold bottle of beer in your hand. The design of the bar is authentic with some old pictures, parts of hell diver Bomber planes and WWII pilot jackets on its walls. I am not sure if the things I saw that adorns the corners are parts of a ship wreck. The bar is not crowded so it is the place where you can have a good conversation with your friends while drinking.

Coron Village Lodge Bar: Coron Village Lodge Bar

Not much of night life in Coron…This is the restaurant/bar in Coron Village Lodge where we had drinks on our last night. They actually have quite a good selection of cocktails. They also have a very good margarita.

Their place is pretty interesting too with plenty of wooden decors and great lighting/chandeliers.

Dress Code: >No dress code. Very informal.

Coron Town: Coron Nightlife

Based on my recent trip there, Coron town proper (Poblacion) is beginning to have a nightlife. There are now at least a dozen restaurants where you can have a nice dinner. All of them serve beer, and most have bars manned by a competent barista who can make whatever mix yuo order. Most of the restaurants serve wine. A few even have a fair selection of decent wines.

There are also several karaoke bars and girlie bars, albeit of the low-end type.

Raggs to Riches: Videoke time!!

A good place for videoke enthusiasts. They have nice friendly staff and they said they have a good crowd. A big flat screen TV for Videoke is located at the center wall. Beer costs P40.00.