Island Hopping

Island Hopping in Coron

Boracay is ONE island – Coron / Busunaga is more than 7000 Islands for you to discover. Island and beach hopping at its best! Relax in a hammock, let the fine white sands run through your fingers, close your eyes and relax because you are practically in paradise. Enjoy fresh seafood BBQ on the beach. Sip on a fresh picked coconut and look out to the crystal blue waters.

Most island hopping is concentrated on Coron Island, only a 30 minute boat ride away. It’s dramatic karst cliffs rise over romantic lagoons and enclose several lakes of which Cayangan and Barracuda lake can be visited. The beaches around this island have gleaming white sand which contrasts with the dark grey limestone cliffs.

Beautiful islands with trees, mangroves, white sand beach and reefs invite you to dream. At some of the locations overnight camping can be arranged. Reef and Wrecks are thrilling places for adventurous snorklers. Enjoy the pleasantries of the beautiful scenery before immersing yourself in the amazing underwater world a few steps from the beach.

But look for yourself:


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