Discover the various dining spots in and around Coron

The number of restaurants in Coron is steadily growing. Each time I go down town, I discover newly opened places that look promising and I always promise myself to go and test them all next time I am going to dine out. If I kept my promise, I would be fat fat fat by now since most of them prepare DELICIOUS dishes, so any list of restaurants I can present here is naturally incomplete and I would have a very hard time to update them on a regular basis. I do plan however to update my list every time I made it out to dine, so that you have a chance to know where to go when hungry 🙂 Also please send me reports about the restaurants that you found, and roughly where I can find them. I will publish them and also mention the names of the discoverers.

List of restaurants (mentioned by VirtualTourist)

Restaurants in Coron: Good and Bad Restaurants in Coron

Herewith is our opinion on some of the restaurants we have been to in Coron, Palawan, Philippines. All of there are located in the town proper.

For the best food in Coron, Palawan, Philippines, go to Bistro Coron. My family and I always eat there with some of my local friends whever we are in Coron. The interiors as not up to par. But the food is great! Their pizzas a very good. But my fave is the Thai Steamed Fish, with the fish steamed just right, not tough & not too soft, and the thai ingredients are crisp and perfectly proportioned. My wife likes the crab and shrimp dishes. They also have a good, if a bit limited, wine selection.

For the best retaurant and bar ambiance in Coron, go to the Village Lodge, Restaurant and Bar. Perfect island-life interiors, lighting just right, the right background music for the hip and semi-hip crowd. The food is also good. The bar has a wide selection of drinks.

Another place with an interesting ambiance is La Serenata. It was some sordid-looking, but interesting, mermaid scuptures for columns. It is located offshore accessible by a footbridge. It has a 360-degree view of the town’s busy waterfront, the bay, and the surrounding islands and mountains. I would rate the food between fair and moderately good.

Another good place in Coron was Old House Restaurant. The “Chicken in a Basket”, which is basically a fried checken, is good.

Kawayan Grill is a budget outdoor bar with native dining cabanas set under a big tree. The food is Ok. mostly grilled. Music is mostly pop. The ambiance is great in the evening.

We find Michelangelo italian restaurant overrated. The prices are skyhigh compared to other restaurants in Coron. When we went for lunch there, they were our of so many increadiests–italian rice, sauces, etc. We had to settle carbonara and sandwich. At they food was not that good. It was disappointing. I would not go there again.

Another restaurant in Coron that disappoints is the SeaDive restaurant. I ordered the blue marlin there and it was tough. The sauce was nondescript and too salty. I would prefer not to eat there again.

There are so many new restaurants, bars, and cafes opening up in the Poblacion (town proper) in Coron, there would be a lot of choices, even for the discriminating.

If you visit Coron for holiday, I advise you not to book in an island resort as they tend to be isolated. Instead, book in a good hotel or lodge in the Poblacion (town proper). From there you can arrange daytrips to the different islands, lakes, beaches, divesites, hotsprings, etc. You also have the option of renting a bike, go herseback, or hike to explore the island, including Mt Tapyas, Mt darala, different warefalls, etc. Plus you can exprefience the island lightlife.

Favorite Dish: Bistro Coron – Pizzas, Thai Style Steamed Fish, Crab Dishes, Shrimp Dishes.

Village Bar & Restaurant – Bulalo (Beef Shank Stew)

Old House – Chicke in a Basket

La Sereneta – Grilled Blue Marlin

Kawayan Grill – chicken barbecue


The first day we passed by this restaurant and decided to give it a miss, but we were in the area a couple of days later and decided to eat there. The restaurant was basic but the service was fine, beers were cold and the food good. My wife ate a Filipino favorite, sinigang which is a tamarind soup with fish. I went for the fish and chips which was not exactly the same as UK fish and chips but the taste was good. The chips were actually slices of potato while the fish was breaded fillet cut into strips. There were many items on the menu, including a few international dishes, all at a reasonable price.

fish and chips the interior basic but good big mamassinigang



Dali Dali means quickly, quickly and is worth trying this restaurant out. You cannot miss it as the front of the restaurant is covered in photographs of the meals on offer, including the history of kimchee. As the name suggests service was fast and we had two noodle dishes with kimchee, but unfortunately i cannot remember the name . The small restaurant is usually full of Koreans and it is difficult to find a seat as it can only accommodate around 12 people on the 3 or 4 tables.

cannot miss ithistory of kimchee


We had planned to have a special meal here as they serve a Mongolian BBQ for 280 pesos and had been looking forward to eating here for 3 days. Staff handed out leaflets around town to promote the restaurant as it is a little out of the way. After entering the restaurant we were told that the Mongolian BBQ was no longer available so we left immediately. We noticed that there were no other patrons there.



Actually the posts are sculptured in the shape of mermaids, which happens to be the name of the restaurant in the local language. This very popular seafood restaurant is owned by a Brit/Filipino and is built on columns out at sea which offers great views especially at sunset. Besides seafood there are many other items on the menu, so i chose a chicken cordon bleu which contained imported cheese and ham. My wife chose grilled mahi mahi, a local fish which came with chutney. Both were excellent but also the most expensive meal we ate while we were in Coron, but considering the quality of the food, the beautiful setting in the sea it was well worth it.
It is a restaurant built above water. I saw this one from Sea Dive Resort and planned to have my dinner there. But when I saw the wooden path that was built above the water that looks weak and old that gave me the idea that it is not safe to cross for a lone traveler in a dark night. I changed my mind. I didn’t see any railings that you can hold on to and no light to guide your path. Maybe one can visit this restaurant during lunch time. I think it is good to dine here since it is a water front restaurant with a nice view of the sea and islands. It is obvious they are offering seafood 🙂

mermaidthe Sirenettagrilled mahi mahichicken cordon bleugreat view over the ocean


Basically this is a shack offering burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings and drinks. I felt a little hungry during the afternoon so i ordered a burger for 55 pesos and for an extra 35 pesos i up graded so i could get an iced tea and french fries. I was not really expecting much but when the burger came it was quite acceptable. The waitress was a friendly woman and told a few jokes. The burger came with a little flag attached to it which said American Meat so i asked the waitress if it was imported. Apparently the burger shack is owned by a foreigner and when they first opened the meat was imported but no longer.

burger and friesthe happy waitressother offersthe diner


We popped in here for a take away and found the local food to be good and so did the locals as the place was packed out. We decided on two pancits to take back to the GH and at 60 pesos each it was a bargain. The walls were covered in photos of all the meals that were available here, and most of them looked great. The canteen seemed to occupy two buildings as the kitchen appeared to be next door so the waitress appeared from the street carrying the customer’s orders.

the menuthe canteentake away pancit


WE decided to try Bando’s Grill and Restobar as it would be an ideal place to watch the sunset, ans although we managed to take some great photos we were extremely disappointed with the food. My wife asked for mixed seafood and it was quite nice but the problem came with my meal—shrimp with pineapple. I kept thinking that the food tasted strange but the restaurant was owned by a Korean so i thought maybe it was just a strange spice that was added to the meal, but just as i was about finished i realised that the pineapple was off. It had come from a can and perhaps the can had been left open in the ref for too long. When we pointed out to the waitress that the pineapple was off and had been opened for too long she said that we were probably correct, but unfortunately the owner was not around.
My advice is not to go here as who knows what other rotten food they use in their kitchen.

stay away from here the restaurant extensive menu mixed seafood


We dined at Winnie’s one night and we were extremely pleased with the food on offer. As well as some local food, seafood there was a decent selection of international food such as lamb curry and Thai chili basil. My wife chose the sinigang soup which turned out to be a very generous portion containing two talikito fish steaks. I chose samosas which were delicious and we shared a crab fried rice. Add on a couple of beers and a juice and the bill was only 500 pesos. The owner was Swiss i believe and the waitress was friendly and gave us free peanuts, free lato (seaweed salad) and free leche flan each.Besides the normal menu there is a blackboard with an additional 15 or so meals that are also available.

WINNIE'S Additional items on the menu samosas crab fried ricesinigang


We popped in here for a snack and chose the halo halo, a Philippine favorite desert which is crushed ice, evaporated milk, dried fruits and sometimes includes ice cream. The place was also famous for its pancit (noodles) and different sized plates were displayed on the wall to give the customer an idea of the different sized portions. As you entered there was a food counter with containers filled with pre-cooked meals—all local favorites. Besides this , there was an extensive menu, all at reasonable prices. This was a restaurant more popular with the locals although there were one or two foreigners dining too. And as for the halo halo——it was fine, tasted worse, tasted better.


On our first night in Coron we were rather tired so we chose a restaurant nearby our GH, (advertising veggie food as this was suitable for my wife) and we were not disappointed. Brujita is on the National Highway just 50m from the Coastal Road, which is basically 200m from Coron Bistro, quite near the center of town. The lady who owned the place was from North Luzon and was very pleasant and helpful. There were several other customers there too, some just drinking at the bar and some enjoying their meal. Darts were available and one wall was covered in notices about local tourist spots, agencies and GH’s. We decided upon a Thai Veggie curry and Thai chicken curry which was served with rice and a couple of beers. My wife enjoyed her curry and i enjoyed the chicken curry which was especially tasty as the chicken had been grilled first giving it an extra flavor. There were many other international choices on the menu, all at a reasonable price and i would not hesitate in eating here again.

Kawayanan Grill and Restaurant, Coron: Kawayanan Grill and Restaurant, Coron

Great food, nice place and accommodating staff. Its the only restaurant in Coron that I know accepts credit card. After 5 days of staying in Coron and eating out, this is the only restaurant that accepted credit card.

The food was also great. Love their mixed sea foods and pancit among others. Fastest service that we ever experience in all the restaurants we visited (and we visited and ate at 6 different restaurant before we found this great place). In other restaurants, it took a while for the food to arrive.

They have a nice outdoor area and the staff were really great. They look after the needs of the dinners.
Favorite Dish: Most of their dishes are great. We went back to the place for another taste of their mixed sea food plate.

Trining Bacsa and Restaurant: Try their Kaldereta

I had one of my lunch here because I’m running out of money :). Located just beside Jackie’s Videoke just right outside Sea Dive Resort. Their viand starts at P40.00. Try their Beef Kaldereta, I love the taste.


Sea Dive Restaurant: Dine with the sea

Sea dive restaurant has a great view of the Coron Bay and nearby islands so dining here is different from other restaurants in Coron. It is made of light materials with wooden chairs. Guests from other resorts usually dine here because of the free wifi. I am not just sure if the coffee is also free once you dine. I drank plenty of coffee during my entire stay.
They have big servings of Filipino breakfast and my favorite is the beef tapa with scrambled egg for P180.00 . But the rice is not enough I think there is something wrong in the proportion. I love the taste of their bicol express on top of 2 grilled eggplant but sometimes they serve only one eggplant (which is which). The pancit and pasta servings are good for two but I am not happy about their chicken spaghetti, it was tasteless. Prices start at P150.00.
Sea dive restaurant also have friendly and very helpful staff especially the group in the morning. I love this group than their evening counterpart actually.
My fondest memory is having a bottle of beer every time I sit on near the water front while enjoying their free wifi and the nice view of the sea.

Favorite Dish: Free Wifi.. Free Coffee.. Nice view

They have Nido soup: Jackie’s Videoke and Restaurant

One of the local restaurant that offer food for a very cheap price. They offer variety of big servings of Pancit. They also offer Nido soup for P250.00. Prices of their viands start at P40.00. They also offer Filipino breakfast for P70.00. I tried their pansit bihon for P50.00 before my hike to Mt. Tapyas. I need some carbo for this. 🙂

There is also a videoke for music lovers at night.

 Japanese: Oishi desu ne?

This if for Japanese food lovers. It is a small restaurant located along the highway in Bankwang area going to the airport. I scanned the menu and they are offering simple Japanese food like sushi. Not comparable to any big Japanese restaurant in Manila of course at least Coron have a simple one. Prices start at P130.00. I am not a fan of Japanese food but you can try it yourself if you will visit Coron.

Coron Bistro and Bar: Pizza and burger

A resto bar owned by a french guy named Bruno. It is a small place frequented by foreigners. A small group can also drink here other than eating. Their specialty is Burger and Pizza which costs P180.00 It is good for 2 persons that’s why I carried some on my way to the resort but I like the Pizza of Hard Koch kafe more in Bantayan Island. One can also try other menu like Spicy chicken wings, baked mussel and pasta. Meals cost 140 pesos and above and they also offer breakfast.
I have this strange conversation with their waitress. I asked her while giving my order why she’s not smiling that makes her looks unfriendly and she told me that they are prohibited to do so and that is a very strict order. I don’t know why. It’s very strange for me.
They also sell map of the Calamianes group of islands for P500.00 and souvenir shirts for P1000.00 . Yes it is very expensive because they said it was printed in France.

Ok tasting food, but with only 2 staff (1 at the bar and the other serving the sitting dinners). So the staff looked very harass with all the dinners they have to serve. They were not so accommodating, maybe because of that. It takes a while for the food to arrive as well.

Next day, we wanted to order pizza and just take it out so we won’t have to deal with the noise in the restaurant. But the staff in the bar told us they don’t allow take out order of pizza since they don’t have a lot of pizza dough, but we can have the pizza if we get a table in the restaurant and eat it there.

I don’t get it. We’re buying the same pizza and paying for it. But if you take it out, they won’t sell it to you but if you eat it in the restaurant, then you can have it. …. Tsk .. tsk .. tsk…

Kawayanan Grill Station: Garden setting

Kawayanan locally means Place where there are plenty of bamboos. This is a resto bar made of light materials like bamboo with a garden setting. The entrance is decorated with vines and plants. It has a bar located at the center they offer variety of both local and foreign dishes. I just ordered sisig and drunk 2 bottles of beer when I was here. Drinks here cost 50 pesos above and meal prices start at P130.00. They have a band that plays twice a week plus one can sing on a videoke located at the right side of the grill. It is also a nice place to hang out with good crowd.

Old house: Heapy spaghetti

It is a small bar and restaurant along the National Highway walking distance from Coron Bistro. It can only accommodate small crowd plus only offering local drinks. I tried their spaghetti and it is good for 2 persons. My stomach can’t accommodate all. I saw some regular meals being serve too. Prices of Meals start at P120.00.

Favorite Dish: Spaghetti

Lolo Nonoy’s Food Station: Don’t miss the Bulalo!

They offer simple menu and mostly Filipino food. It is a typical local restaurant with very simple decorations. Tables were set inside bamboo cottages. The price is very reasonable and my favorite is their Bulalo and Beef Kaldereta. Their Kaldereta is just 40 pesos per serving. The restaurant closes early so don’t go beyond 9 PM. Just around the corner from my clinic.

Banol beach refreshment stand: Where’s the restaurant?

by iclee Written Sep 13, 2010

When you do island hopping in Coron and its surrounding islets, be sure to bring enough cold drinks because unlike in Boracay where you can find coconut peddlers/boatmen, there is just a small refreshment stand in Banol Beach serving small bottles of Coke, Royal, Sprite and some unknown brand for PHP25/bottle.

It is manned by someone from the indigenous tribe of Coron.

Favorite Dish: None

Darayonan Restaurant: Darayonan Restaurant

This is where we had our breakfast and some of our lunch. Food is good and price is reasonable. I think they have a different name to the resto but the only thing you need to remember is that it’s in Darayonan Lodge 🙂

Hotel Michelangelo: Best Italian and wine on the island

Its a bit further off from the main part of town, so tourists usually only find this place upon recommendations from others. But I will endorse it further by saying that it is among the highlights of my stay in Coron.

The hotel itself is undergoing renovations, so I cannot speak of the rooms, but the restaurant is all open air, immediately off of the water. If you are lucky and the tables are not occupied, you can have your meal only a few steps away from the cooling breezes off the sea.

Favorite Dish: All the food was delicious, particularly the seafood pastas. The Italian owner/chef is a master. We sampled the lasagna, the tagliatelle negre and the savory sashimi tanguige… all of which melted in our mouths.

Put the above together with a salad and a bottle of wine and our bill was still under $40US.

Sister and I enjoying last supper in Coron


Bistro Coron: By far the best in town

Bistro Coron, the best in town, is a rather small restaurant owned by Bruno, a retired French anthropologist, who is also doing the cooking. Just next doors, Bruno also ceeps a bar where, sometimes till late in the night, local academics, globetrotters and expats hobnob with diving tourists. Around 1976 (during the Marcos regime) Bruno started an anthropological research on an authartic tribe living in a remoted area of the forest of south Palawan.

Favorite Dish: We tried several meals, on different days and everything was excellent. If, like me you enjoy deserts, try the Chocolate mousse. They also serve a very good fresh Mango juice.

With some friends at Bistro Coron

La Sirenetta Restaurant: Dine out over the water

La Sirenetta is visible from anywhere on the water and from Seadive Resort. It is built out over the water at the end of a long walking path. There are large mermaids decoratively hanging on each of the restaurant’s corners.

The restaurant is open air, with thatched roof. There is a fully stocked bar, functional kitchen, and even a pool table for those coming with no appetite.

Favorite Dish: The daily fresh catch (lapu lapu) is always a good bet. Unlike some of the other restaurants, the fish is always served moist and full of flavor. The portions are large and the prices are reasonable. The tuna steaks were also wonderful!

Delicious food all the way around

Raphaella’s: Pinoy Breakfast

This is inside Darayonan Lodge. We had a yummy Pinoy Breakfast for a fair budget. Great ambiance, too. Sound of soft instrumental music and various windchimes float around while you enjoy good food and impeccable service.

Favorite Dish: i liked the rice meal with egg and longganisa…


Bistro Coron: Craving for Pizza or Pasta in Coron, Palawan?

If you’ve had your fill of the local dishes of coron and want a bite of something european like pizza or pasta, you can try the menu in bistro coron. friendly staff and owner. it’s a bit humid as this is near the port / market / ocean but it’s still a pretty comfortable place to eat, rest a while and engage in a bit of chitchat.

Favorite Dish: We sampled the burgers, the carbonara, and the seafood pasta which all tasted good. And we finished it off with frothy, creamy, mango shake!!!